Why I wanted to do this.

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I have never blogged, so be patient as I get more comfortable with this. I want to keep it nice and simple.

I hope you read the “About Me” section so you know my story and what I have been through. During my first cancer I was a teenager (16) and I wanted to hide from everyone and everything. I did not post much because I was embarrassed and it was a very hard age to lose your hair. When I found out I had cancer again, a completely rare case, I knew I could not hide this time around. I was a young adult (23) and I knew being open through my treatment would make my supporters happy, and also help me. And it did. The Facebook posts, videos, pictures, and CaringBridge journal was great to let my support system know what was going on medically, but also mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. Of course everyone wanted to be positive during that time, but I thought it was important to show everything cancer gives you: the good, the bad, the sad, the ugly, and the beautiful moments.

Telling my story via social media and other sites also helped me connect with many individuals across the world who experienced cancer and others who offered to share my story. This is my goal, to tell my story one step at a time. I hope it will continue to be shared and spread and it will help another young individual who is fighting, or surviving. Cancer does not go away when you are technically cancer-free; it changes you in many different ways. I have had many people support and motivate me, and I hope this will pay it forward and do the same.

I already have a lot of topics that I plan to talk about, so please help share this. Unfortunately most of us know somebody with cancer, and this may help. I would greatly appreciate it.

I want to inspire, travel the world, and tell my story.


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