Genetic Testing (Update Below)


Hello again my loves!

Today I went and did some genetic testing. I found it very interesting, so I thought I would share my experience with you all.

A couple weeks ago my breast specialist referred me to genetic counseling. I am on the riskier side of breast cancer due to the radiation I received to my chest from my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She wanted this done simply as a preventative measure, to cover all grounds in regard to my risk to breast cancer and other cancers.

So, I gathered as much family history as I could and met with Cristina, the genetic counselor. After going through my family history with cancer she wanted to go forward with the genetic testing. The main reason she wanted to do this was because of the history on my mom’s side. My Poppy (grandfather) and his two brothers all had prostate cancer, which is uncommon. Although I cannot get prostate cancer due to being a woman, it is still the same genetic mutation that relates to breast cancer in women. With finding that out, she definitely wanted to test the BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 genes. She also included a genetic panel of over EIGHTY genetic mutations, including Sarcoma’s and Lymphoma’s.

For me, it was a simple blood draw. Sometimes you may have to do a skin biopsy as well. I went in this morning with the kit they provided (pictured above) and they took one tube of blood to send to California to be tested. It was amazing to me that they can test so much with that little tube. I thought this whole process was very interesting despite what we are checking for. I would recommend this if you have a history of cancer and your insurance will cover it!

I get my results in a couple weeks and will let everyone know what I find out! 🙂

UPDATE – 10/16

My genetic counselor called me today after receiving my genetic testing results from California. I did NOT test positive for any of the genetic mutations related to misc. cancers. We were anticipating good results and it was so great for it to be confirmed! One less thing to knock off the list! 🙂

Love, Nicole

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