Who I Am

My name is Nicole Justine Munoz. I was born on August 1st, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. My mom and dad moved my younger brother Paul and I to the south-side suburb of Crestwood when I was 5 and about to start Kindergarten. I lived there for twenty years and now reside in Manteno.

The majority of my family is from Chicago, however, we have disbursed into the suburbs and other states throughout the years. My father’s side is Mexican and Bohemian, while my mother’s side is German, Irish, Swedish, and Hungarian. My brother Paul resembles more of my mother with the light skin and eyes, where I resemble more of my father with olive skin and brown eyes. Many people give my last name a second glance as it is Hispanic, but I am a mix of many ethnicities.

About Me 2

My brother Paul and I

I went to public school in Oak Forest, the town right next to Crestwood. In high school I played soccer and was involved in many extra-curricular activities such as Yearbook, National Honor Society, and Best Buddies. I was very passionate about school and maintaining good grades so I can get scholarships for college. I graduated high school with honors in May 2010 and chose to attend Saint Xavier University in Chicago. It was beneficial to stay local to be close to my family, hospital, and treatment team. However, I chose to live on-campus to get the full college experience!

I initially started college with hopes of becoming a Special Education teacher. Working with children with developmental disabilities was a big passion of mine and I wanted to turn that passion into my career. During my Sophomore year I realized that my passion was still within the disability field, however, it was not to be a teacher. I then switched my major to Clinical/Counseling Psychology and a minor in Sociology. I felt like I was in the right place after this switch. I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology with honors in May 2014.

About Me 1

Saint Xavier University Graduation

Since graduating, I have had a few jobs that have helped me gain more experience in the world of Psychology. I worked with adults with disabilities, children with disabilities (both in-school and in-home), and women with misc. disorders in the residential treatment environment. I feel very lucky to have those experiences, and I am still trying to figure out what career path I would like to take. I have sparked an interest in becoming a radiology tech after having so many X-Rays, CT’s, MRI’s, PET’s, and ultrasounds throughout the years for my illnesses. We will see if I apply for a program in that field! Currently, I am a Community Living Support/Respite Provider for an awesome individual with Down Syndrome. I love helping these amazing individuals grow and thrive!

Some of my hobbies include reading, movies, true crime documentaries/podcasts, taking my dog for nature walks, and making dreamcatchers. I love reading books that are in a series or have a movie made with it. Coloring, watercolor painting, and making dreamcatchers helps me relieve stress. I make custom dreamcatchers and sell them to anyone that is interested! And don’t be alarmed by the true crime interest, I blame my love for psychology.

Some other fun facts about me: Coke always, never Pepsi. McDonald’s Coke’s are life. I put ketchup on my pizza. My favorite show is Sons of Anarchy and I constantly rewatch it on Netflix. I cannot fall asleep unless the TV is on low and on timer. I have a fear of total darkness, you will always see some light on in my home. I am allergic to any animal that sheds…which stinks because I am a huge animal lover and wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. My favorite animal is a panda.

I live with my 2 cats, Oliver and Monkey, and my Maltese puppy, Sadie Grace. I originally had 4 cats in our home but my mom and I each kept 2 when I decided to leave home. “Crazy Cancer Lady” came from many people calling me  a “Crazy Cat Lady” throughout the years.

About Me 4

Sadie Grace

About Me 5

Oliver & Monkey

Thank you for learning more about me! 🙂

Love, Nicole


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